Justin Bieber gets more tattoos

With all this time away from his today canceled Target excursion, Justin Bieber chose to get some significant ink onto his chest – and the Beliebers just can’t believe it, per People style.

The today 23-year-old hit-maker and collaborate on mega-single “Despacito,” blew his supporters off on Saturday when he revealed a huge tattoo in an Instagram selfie plus video.

The popstar obviously has no fear of going under the needle, using no less than 60 tats covering his body, now added a full rectal ancestral artistic rendition, boasting skeletons, archways along with gargoyles, all the while overshadowing that tone belly of his that he has committed himself to working out and introducing frequently.

According to Folks, this seems to be an addition and partial cover-up, connecting the bit on his torso of a bald eagle, and veiling the “Son of God” six-pack drawing from November.

More, a break down of Bieber’s “inkology” – that update further compliment the head of a grizzly bear, lion and cross, also on his torso, as well as the homage for his mother, and her birth date, which can be written in roman numerals right below his left collarbone. Fundamentally, his front side is rather active.

Soon after the article, enthusiasts came with of course and reviews.

1 enthusiast tweeted: “Justin Bieber’s brand new tattoos — oh my god, I don’t know what they mean to him but it looks AWFUL.”

While the following came into the singer’s defense, crying, “You don’t need to say sorry for your beliebers for acquiring new tattoos. It’s your decision. Not anyone else’s. No matter how talented you are, not everyone is going to like you. However, that’s life. Just stay strong.”

While the following joked: “you ever heard the phrase everything in moderation.”

And finally, a lover came to his aid with this competitive Twitter response to each of those haters: “I don’t even know why everybody is so overreacting? I mean, yes, Justin obtained his entire chest covered with tattoos but he still enjoys it so shut the [expletive] up,” adding, “I do not like it either but it is his body and we should respect his decision.”

More after viewing the Instagram selfie revealing however, well, just wow, Justin really has to clean this bathroom sink up!