Monday, February 10, 2014

Snø dag!

We've had some crazy weather here the last few days, which has led to an inability to get to work. More time for sledding! I've been keeping busy by painting and catching up on some knitting. Hoping to finish up the 49ers socks I started for Spencer back in December. 

Who else remembers Moomin? I have so many great childhood memories watching this show with my two younger brothers, and I'm happy to see it held up over the years. I couldn't help myself, and watched Winter in Moominvalley while painting this. It's about as cute as I remember! 

I had a really great week at work before this blizzard hit, and did a lot of fun tattoos. Thanks to everyone that came out!

More like this please!

Hoping I'll be back at work again tomorrow, until then I'll be right here, sledding.