Monday, July 16, 2012

Happy housewarming!

I'm back! Its been such a busy few weeks, I haven't had time to update this blog. With the move, a house guest in town literally the second we got unpacked, and a week off work; I honestly haven't really had a whole lot to blog about.

Our new house is amazing. It's great to have lots of space, big windows, and our own yard! Spencer and I were born to unpack and we got situated pretty fast. We barely slept at all the first 3 days. Actually, we barely slept at all the last 2 weeks due to the pets going crazy. Cupcake lost his mind, grew wings and somehow made it up way off the ground and on to the Bowflex while we were out of the house. Who knows how long he was up there!? He also almost chewed his little puppy paws off, ate my shoe, some work-out equipment, a blanket, and tore out a bunch of stuffing from his bed. Adding to all of this, he also cried and whimpered until 4am every night. Poor little guy. We're so tired! After a visit to the vet and some puppy xanax, the last 4 nights have been much better.

Anna came down from Seattle for this cute little tattoo. Thanks again lady!

It's wedding season, and we've been to a few the last couple of weeks. Congrats to Gus and Katie, Eben and Jen! I tattooed at Jen and Eben's wedding last Sunday. It was hosted at the Bossanova Ballroom, and we had a blast! With that said, it was the first and will probably be the last time I'll ever tattoo at a wedding. It was fun, but super stressful!

Fancy dress? No armrest? Bad lighting? No problem!

Spencer and I love dressing up! More weddings, please! :)

We finally had our housewarming party last night! Thanks to everyone who came over to bbq and drink with us in our lovely yard! We had too much fun (feeling it a little today)! I made fruit wedge jello shots, carved an entire watermelon, made vegan potato salad, and some cute little fruit skewers. Our friends brought a ridiculous amount of food and snacks, and we spent about 30 minutes trying to smash a piñata. Turns out it is a lot harder than it looks! I have a feeling it won't be the last get together in our back yard this summer. 

Lonnie stopped by last week to have his where the wild things are thigh tattoo finished. Lonnie is one of my clients that I keep running into at the gym. Portland seems so small sometimes. Thanks again Lonnie! 

I have some awesome tattoos coming up, so it should be a fun summer! Come get one (or eight)!

Until next time,
S <3