Thursday, March 29, 2012

Borte bra, men hjemme best.

I'm back! It's taken us about a week to recover from our never ending road trip. I've had a great week since I've been back, mostly thanks to my amazing clients and co-workers. I am forever thankful to be so lucky to meet, and tattoo wonderful people 4 days a week. I'll share more of my week here in a little bit, but first, here is what my mini "vacation" was like.

The Salt Lake City Tattoo Convention was awesome, I had a blast! Thanks to everyone who came up and said hi, to everyone I met, and of course everyone that got tattooed!

(more like this please!)

After SLC we headed for Vegas where we spent about a week. I let the cutest 2 year old drain my phone battery by watching Thomas the Train youtube videos about a million times.  We also ate a lot of burritos, and drank footlong margs. It was tight (butthole).

Meet Clark, future juggalo. 

 After Vegas we headed for Disneyland. Which was, of course, amazing. I ate too much cotton candy and almost shit my pants on Tower of Terror. I never wanted to get off the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Also, I still have "It's a small world" stuck on my brain. 16 hours of Disneyland accomplished, complete with sore legs.

After Disneyland, we headed for San Francisco. We stayed at the most ghetto travel lodge and drank 40's paired up with some It's Its (awesome bay area ice cream sandwiches) in bed. We also ate some more burritos, pizza, and drank some serious mud coffee. I got to see my friend Hanna, who does amazing tattoos. Then we headed home (finally). I have never been happier to be home. As much fun as this trip was, it was exhausting. Spencer is my hero for doing ALL the driving. What a gentleman. It feels so great to be back in my own bed, and back at work.  I did some really fun tattoos this last week. Kala let me put a Dracula Matryoshka on her forearm, which was cool because it was different than the previous ones that I've done. I had so much fun with this one. Thanks Kala!

 Nacole got this cute "man or mouse" tattoo in memory of her friend. More like this please!

Wyatt just moved to Portland, and loves carbs. But then again, who doesn't?

I had some stickers made. They're super small and cute, and also up for grabs. So swing by the shop and get one or two...or three!

Until next time,

Thursday, March 8, 2012

SLC Tattoo Convention

Tomorrow morning, Spencer and I head out for the SLC tattoo convention. I can fit one more person in on Saturday evening, should you want to get tattooed. Just email me at
Spencer will be selling his coils at the convention also, so come take a look and say hi! :)

I had a really busy week, and I am pooped. But here are a few photos of some nice tattoos I did.

I had a lot of fun with this one. Thank you Gina! 

I started a Martha Stewart pin up on Leigh. Can't wait to finish this one!

Brian likes big boobs and eagles (who doesn't?). We did these two a few weeks ago.

Karla came in to get her sacred heart finished.

And Cat sat like a champ for her Mucha. Muchas Gracias Cat! har har

Here's a few more random photos of what my last two weeks looked like.

I picked up a new set of machines by Jacob Redmond. You should too!

 I got my knee blasted by Craig Brown at Historic. He's an awesome dude that makes cute kids.

I'm off to bed! 

Until next time,
S. <3