Thursday, June 14, 2012

New home, sweet home!

These last few weeks have been kind of a blur, and I honestly haven't felt like doing anything creative. Spencer and I stressed our butts off trying to find a new home, and we did finally find one. After looking at a countless number of apartments, without any luck, Spencer found this gem of a house. We will be moving in so soon! I can't wait! Hopefully a change of scenery, lots of natural light, and just being able to spend some time outdoors again will give me that boost that I need to start painting again. Fingers crossed!

I haven't just been house hunting. I did get to do a few really fun tattoos also. Thanks to Thea, who came out from Minneapolis, I got to do this cute Maneki-neko Matryoshka. Thanks again Thea!

Chris is a fan of all things Norse and Viking related. He even named his son Thor. This one is for you Thor! Thanks again Chris, you're a champ!

Katie came all the way from the opposite coast. The ever beautiful Maine. Stopped by for a fun little souvenir. Thanks again Katie! Come back soon!

I haven't just been giving people tattoos...I also got tattooed. My lovely co-worker Ryan put my little dog, Cupcake Ramone on my leg forever. In true shrimp form. Cupcake is weird, I'm weird, and I'm OK with that. Thanks Ryan! You're the best!

Now, that's just a different kind of special <3.

I also did a little bit of this, 

and not enough of this,

and I made sure the little shrimp beast stayed dapper. Oh, look at he!

It's my Friday and I'm gonna enjoy these last three days of being 27. Sunday is my birthday, and Spencer and I will be spending the weekend at the coast. Fresh Oregon coast air, I'm ready!

Until next time,

S. <3