Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I remember Halloween.

My favorite holiday is right around the corner, and I'm beyond excited! So many good things are happening. (Almost) a year ago was my very first day working at Scapegoat, which is also the day I met Spencer. So exciting! With that said, this has been the best year ever.
Even though summer is over, and it has slowed down at work, I have been keeping busy with getting my Halloween flash together. We are doing $31 tattoos all day on Halloween!

We all have different flash sheets, and we will be tattooing each other's designs. We are all dressing up too, which is probably worth standing in line for all day, just to get a sneak peak at how cute we look!

I've had the pleasure of finishing some pieces I started earlier this summer. Thanks Kati, and Ashley!

I also did a tattoo of a chestnut. Thanks Greg!

This cowgirl is up for grabs for anyone who wants her. I would love to do this one, or something similar.

My house smells like a forest. And this is why. I've been so obsessed with making these terrariums lately, and there is no way I have room to keep all, or any of them. Luckily, they make great gifts! <3

Come say hi, and get tattooed on Monday, or any other time ;)! I'll be having more time for walk-ins in these slower fall/winter months, so come in with a fun idea, and I'll hook it up :)

Until next time,
Happy (almost) Halloween! S. <3

Monday, October 3, 2011

Matryoshka Mania!

Last week was spent tattooing a whole gang of nesting dolls, thanks to some cute friends, and an awesome little lady passing through on her way across country. Thank you Pang, Emily, and Kirsten!


Halloween is definitely one of my favorite holidays, so I'm counting down the days! We are doing our annual Halloween $31 special, and I have spent the last few days sketching up some fun stuff. No sneak peaks, you'll have to wait!
I have also been busy putting together my costume, which I will be wearing all day. It involves a lot of green, and paper mache. Can you guess what I'm going as?

Other than that the weather has been really crappy and cold the last few days, which makes me totally homesick. Then again, when home looks like this, how could I not be?




I'm ready for a cup of hot cider, and I think at least one of these is too!

Until next time,