Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I celebrated my 27th birthday this last weekend, and I am officially in my late twenties. Scary. I feel pretty much the same as before, other than that I decided I no longer like ice cream. Oh well.

Henry helped Sarah and I pre-game my birthday by giving us matching skittle tattoos. If you didn't know already, Henry is awesome.

A surprise picnic, The Enchanted Forest, and a weekend spent at the coast. All in all, my birthday couldn't have been more perfect.

I haven't just been lazying around at the beach though. I've also been tattooing a bunch. And I started a new painting!

Nolan got his fantasy dragon started.

Jordan added a cute job stopper to his tattoo collection.

I had a pretty fun walk-in. Never quite done anything like this before. Fun stuff!

And here is what I am currently working on.


To all of you who have been buying my Boston Terrier prints- thank you so much! They are still up for sale, so if you haven't picked up a set yet, you can find them here, and here.

<3 S.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A night out in Boston.

My prints finally arrived, and they are up for sale!
Two Boston Terriers dolled up for a night on the town. Set includes two water color prints on 8x10" off-white water color paper.
Each one is signed and numbered.

You can purchase them here
And if you are living outside the US, you can find them here!

I've had a few busy weeks, a lot of fun tattoos, and fun people; even fun new friends! 
I worked on Sara's Midwest themed leg some more, and Jason got his pretty flower.

Eddie got his gypsy Lady of Guadalupe. 

My pretty, new friend Andrea got her cute nesting doll. I am so excited to have met her, and to get to do such a rad tattoo! 

Andreas husband Christian gave me a haircut, which lead to me being chased by a clown driving a crazy van. Either way, haircuts are rad! And so is Christian!

Summer has finally arrived, and Spencer and I spent last Saturday at the Japanese Gardens. It was absolutely gorgeous! 

The pets are happy about warm weather too!

I traded paintings with a pretty lady.


I'm still working on my flash collaboration with Jenn Small.

Jacob Redmond built me a new tattoo machine. Last one of the run! So stoked!

And then I celebrated.

Happy Monday!
<3 S.