Wednesday, May 18, 2011

from Russia with love.

I celebrated Friday the 13th by getting a tattoo from my wonderful roommate, Kirsten Holliday <3. What better way to celebrate, than with another sacrilegious tattoo?

I finally finished my flash sheet, and started a new one.

 I also did some fun tattoos this week. I started a Midwest themed leg piece on Jason's pretty lady, and did an adorable bunny on the awesome Rachel from Wisconsin. 

My brand spanking new (yes, it is so exciting!) tattoo station is starting to come together. I decorated it with some of my favorite things. Like my Matryoshka dolls (Brian, I'm sorry)! I'll never get sick and tired of tattooing these cute nesting dolls, so if you want a tattoo of one (or five), I wont say no.

When I'm not tattooing, painting or drawing, I make pretty things. I wasn't lying about the dolls..

And if you'd like to check out what I do, as I do it, follow me on Instagram- "sillysilje". And to those of you that saw my work on there and decided to check out my blog...thanks! :)

Night night
<3 S.

Friday, May 13, 2011

barnyard blossoms

I had a really fun, and easy week. I spent my time working on my flash sheet collaboration with the lovely Jenn Small. I'm so close to being done with my first page, but it feels like I am going cross eyed from staring at it for so long!

Paul came all the way from Canada, for good Portland food, and a fun tattoo!

Caton, who had me put a rooster on his tootsie not too long ago came back for a pig on his other foot. As always, he sat like a champ :)


Sometimes you get lucky and have the most perfect day with your boyfriend, and stumble upon a Cinco De Mayo fair to top it all off. Perfect.

Happy Weekend!

<3 S.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Doing dots on a Friday night.

 I am of very few words right now, as I spent the last eight hours drawing one million symmetrical lines. (My brain feels just a tad scrambled).

I'm currently working on a flash set with a pretty lady, I'll share more details soon. I'm excited to have someone to kick me in the butt to actually finish something started.

I also had the pleasure of tattooing some rad people this last week. Jason, who's become one of my favorite people in the short time we've worked together, finally got his snake and pill case! Radical!

Cameron and Caton added some colorful flowers and a rooster to their collection. They both left with pretty tattoos, a meat sock and a log leg. Lovely.

We had a few more days of sunshine, and I burned to a crisp after a day of this, (it was well worth it).

 I'm about to snuggle up with this handsome pup! Happy Weekend!

<3 S.