What Are The Best Tattoos In London, England And How Do You Go About Getting Them?

Tattoos are far more socially acceptable than they once were. While there are still segments of society that frown upon them and sadly employers that won’t hire someone with them, they are no longer just something that happens among bikers, convicts, sailors, and body builders. People of both genders and many different generations are now getting tattoos done, and it’s become just as common to see them on a professional athlete as it is a yoga teacher. So, if you’ve decided to get tattoo work done, you’re far from alone.

Where you get your tattoos done is another decision that follows the choice to get ink done. Most Americans go to a local tattoo parlor to get their work done, possibly choosing an existing design in the establishment’s or artist’s catalog, but others make their own. Many find something they like online and bring it in. A few hardy souls even go so far as to do their own tattoos using their own equipment, but most individuals prefer to have a professional do the work for them in a sanitary facility dedicated to it.

However, not all tattoos are done in shops close to home or work. Many people like getting tattoos on the road, while traveling. When new ink on a person is noticed, there’s almost always a conversation about when, why, or how that tattoo got done. When a particular tattoo happened faraway, that story is a lot more interesting and sometimes even impressive. A person that gets tattoos while traveling the world comes across as someone interesting, sophisticated, and fascinating to be around. Many others see them as someone with a passion for life and an inner fire that shows itself on the outside one tattoo at a time.

Should you ever get to visit the capital of England and the United Kingdom, the British city of London, then you might think about getting some ink work done here. In fact, you might even think about getting a lot done! After all, a vacation is supposed to be a chance to rest, refresh, relax, and rejuvenate yourself so that you come home a new you, so why not get some artwork done that means you are physically and literally coming home a newer, more beautiful version of yourself?

Getting any tattoo done while you are travelling automatically has one serious advantage: you have time to heal before you get home. While professionally done tattoos rarely need much attention after they are done, they can be a little sore for a few days. If you’re thousands of miles from home, you’re not going to be as concerned about covering it up. Since you’re not bumping into people that see you everyday, no one’s really going to notice, comment, or care that you got a tattoo done. By the time you do get home and anyone notices, the tattoo will be ready to shine, and you’ll have had time to get used to it yourself so you can show it off proudly and talk about it.

Another advantage to getting tattoos in London is the fact that it’s in Britain. Anytime you are going to get something permanent like a tattoo done, then it’s tremendously helpful to have no linguistic differences or misunderstandings with the person doing the work, so if you’re coming from North America, then the accent differences between your own dialect and London linguistics are not enough to really put you in jeopardy of winding up with a tattoo that you’re going to regret for years to come, which has been known to happen to tourists getting tattoo work done in more exotic locations like Eastern Europe or Asia. Also, Britain has truly earned its reputation as a place of civility and manners, and you while you might like and trust your tattoo artist back home, you might just find that your English one is far more pleasant to deal with than you would have ever imagined possible!

So, now you can see why tattoo studio London is a good place to get tattoos done, but what do the best tattoos in London really have to offer? London is a city that is an international hub of culture and commerce, with connections to other nations and continents stemming back from the days of the British Empire at its zenith. Many nations have ethnic populations of immigrants in London, and individuals still flock here from around the world to this day. Even when actual people do not come to London, many aspects of many cultures have influence the city, its residents, and its culture. When you travel this city looking for the best tattoos possible, you’re going to discover that the available tattoo artists are not all English. You’ll come across talents from across greater Europe as well as those from Africa, Asia, Australia, and even the Americas. Some might be visiting briefly, but others have probably moved here and put down permanent roots. Some of the globe’s most renown and famous tattoo artists do their work here, and you might have a once in a lifetime chance to get their ink on you, which you can carry with pride the rest of your life and make your other tattooed friends back home very jealous.

Having said all this, the best tattoos in London are not necessarily done by a globetrotting artist or a famous name. Their work should be good, but tattoos are artwork and can be very subjectively interpreted, admired, or disliked. Price is also a consideration, as the industry’s best are not cheap. Fortunately, London is a huge sprawling metropolis that has more tattoo artists than you’ll likely be able to sift through in your time here, but it doesn’t take long to find out who charges rates that are within your spending money or established budget for your trip. Just remember to convert your own home currency to pounds when looking at rates. If you’re lucky, currency exchange rates at the time will work out in your favor.

Choosing a place to get a tattoo in London is one thing, but choosing what kind of tattoo to get is quite another, and this is another area where the best tattoos in London become evident fairly quickly, considering that the sheer number of ideas, patterns, images, and possibilities is just mind boggling. England has thousands of years of history, with the city of London actually having started off as a Roman outpost. That history, particularly if you have any family or personal connections to it, can be honored and represented, perhaps with a tattoo of your family shield or crest. You can get images of local landmarks done to capture the magic moments of your trip here, or you can even explore the international imagery that many foreign cultures have enriched London with.

Some of the best tattoo parlors, establishments, and businesses in London are going to have nearly endless catalogs of work that you can flip through in their actual facilities or even online through their websites, and it honestly might just be a matter of sifting through all this aimlessly until you see a particular tattoo and have the light bulb go off in your mind that this is the one you just have to have. For that matter, as long as you are going to be researching the best tattoos in London online, you might as well research the best tattoo studio London and artists has to offer. For all the consideration of prices and notable names, there’s nothing wrong with trusting tattoo enthusiasts before you and checking their online ratings, reviews, feedback, and criticisms, both constructive and negative.

Going through these reviews can give you great insight into what it’s actually like to go through getting a tattoo at a London business, be it the selection process, the consultation, how long it took, prices, how rough the actual ink work was, and how friendly and professional the staff were. Any place that is rated close to a 4- or 5-star average, depending on the site’s scale, across more than a dozen reviews is a place that certainly deserves some consideration as a contender for your time and money.

Just to be on the safe side in your hunt for the best tattoos in London, also check any site you can think of that might show the downside of a tattoo parlor. This might be anything that officially lists the certifications of a business, or a place for formal customer complaints lodged against a business. Keep in mind that such complaints will inevitably happen, even in polite Britain, but the veracity of a complaint is what matters, as is the response of the tattoo establishment in question which can tell you quite a bit about how well the business is actually run. You do want one of London’s best tattoos, but you don’t want to be ripped off as a tourist.